Seriously cool tech gadgets to get mom for Mother's Day

May 8, 2015 at 12:27 p.m. ET
Image: Onanoff

What is at the top of your Mother's Day gift list? Me? I want the same thing I ask for every year; I want to sleep in, a day of no children bickering. I don't want to clean, cook or parent. Simply put, I want the day off of motherhood.

So, what does Mom want for Mother's Day? Some moms like jewelry and clothes, while others adore homemade gifts lovingly constructed by tiny hands. But, if you have a techy mom who gets a special thrill out of owning the latest and greatest tech toys, do I have a list for you.

1. Divoom: Airbeat-10

Divoom speakers

Image: Amazon

The Airbeat-10 (Amazon, $30)

The Airbeat-10 is a portable, multi-functional Bluetooth speaker that mounts on bikes, can be placed in the shower and can also double as a speaker phone. It allows up to six hours of playback time off a single charge and comes with a custom bike mount so that mom cyclists can take their music and their phone calls on the go, like a boss.

2. TrackR Bravo in rose gold

The Track R

Image: TrackR

TrackR Bravo (TrackR, $29)

The TrackR Bravo in rose gold is not only stylish, it is the thinnest tracking device to locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds. It keeps track of keys, pets, bikes, mobile devices or anything else you value that may go missing, even toddlers. Just kidding, but I'm sure it could if you wanted it to. You simply use your phone to find anything and, bonus, the TrackR can find your phone, even if it's on silent.

3. Onanoff: Sound Cover

Sound Cover

Image: Onanoff

Onanoff Sound Cover (Onanoff, $155)

The Onanoff Sound Cover is a slim, smart cover that turns your tablet into a mini sound system with Bluetooth stereo speakers that amplify your iPad Air's volume by up to 400 percent. It automatically syncs to your device and the flat-panel speaker delivers powerful, high quality sound. It's lightweight and protective, and is perfect for travel.

4. PEAR: Interactive training guide for pregnant women

Pear Sports

Image: Pear

PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence System (Pear, $99)

This is the perfect gift for the health-conscious mom-to-be. The PEAR Interactive Training Guide for pregnant women is led by a renowned pre- and post-natal exercise specialist; the program covers pre-pregnancy fitness, trimester training and post-pregnancy workouts. The PEAR features a Bluetooth heart rate monitor for measuring the body's response during a workout. Includes Stride earphones with earlock earpieces that work with the free app, which includes 400 customized training methods and activities from elite fitness experts to provide real-time audio coaching. $100 for hardware, with complimentary PEAR Sports app.


Braven Lux

Image: Braven

The Braven LUX (Braven, $99)

This Chic, elegant, portable Bluetooth speaker is designed for the mom with style who likes to enjoy the music of life. This limited-edition speaker redefines the look of Bluetooth speakers. Whether mom is a party animal or just loves to host impromptu dance parties on the go with her little ones, the LUX is party proof with an IPX5 rating and can survive all of life's accidental splashes, drops or bumps. It also can charge your other devices with an integrated power bank. Speaking of your phone, the LUX has a built in noise-canceling speaker phone and mic so that you never have to stop the dance party. You can take your calls and keep right on dancing, you know, if you're in shape well enough to do that sort of thing.

My personal favorite is the Braven LUX because it's beautiful and it's perfect for those early-morning dance parties with my girls. And it's portable, so if we're having a hard time getting out of bed, I can bring the party to them.

What are you hoping for this Mother's Day?