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Eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts for the hippie mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. When I think about celebrating my mom, I tend to go right to gifting her something that will be useful, enjoyed and, most importantly, celebrate who she is as a person. My mom loves nature, she could tell you a million different ways to use spices to cook and she loves the color red. She’s my inspiration for being a better person.

The best part about Mother’s Day is celebrating the wonderful and unique traits that make your mom your mom. No matter what category your mom fits into, this gift guide will help you find the perfect gift to celebrate who she is while celebrating the world we live in.

Glamorous Mom

Acure Organics beauty products

Image: Green Acres Markets

Acure Organics beauty products (Acure Organics, $8 – $15) 

Glam Mom loves anything that will pamper her and make her feel like a princess. Acure Organics offers the perfect solution. Acure has created a line of skin and body care products that are based on sustainability and made with high-quality, certified organic ingredients. Everything Acure sells is free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives and artificial colors. This stuff will not only make your mom feel good, but it’s good for her, too.

Zen Mom

Sanuk Yoga Sling shoe

Sanuk Yoga Sling (Sanuk, $36) 

Zen Mom loves curling up with a good cup of herbal tea after a long yoga workout. Spoil her with an adorable pair of Sanuk Yoga Sling shoes. These are the most comfortable shoes she’ll ever slip into; the soles are made of yoga mats! Sanuk is the Thai word for “happiness” and these shoes certainly fit the bill. They use earth-friendly materials and produce shoes that are vegan and vegetarian. Your mom will leave her next yoga class on cloud nine.

Chef Mom

GreenPan ceramic cookware

GreenPan ceramic cookware (Sur La Table, $300) 

The kitchen is her domain and she loves nothing more than filling your belly with her creations. Chef Mom deserves the best in her kitchen, and no, I’m not talking KitchenAid Mixer. If you really want to show your mom how much you care, swap out her old Teflon cookware for high-quality ceramic options. Ceramic cookware works just as well as Teflon without any risk of exposure to the toxins found in Teflon. GreenPan offers pans that are free of lead and cadmium, and sustain high heat cooking without damaging the ceramic surface.

Active Mom

BKR bottles

BKR bottles (BKR, $35) 

Active Mom is always on the go. No matter her schedule, she’s keeping it all together and doing it all. She loves spin class, long hikes and beach days. Spoil her with a sleek and stylish glass water bottle by BKR. BKR bottles are gorgeous, easy to carry and most importantly offer her a clean, BPA-free source of water. You’ll help her stay hydrated as she tackles her next adventure.

All of these gift ideas keep on giving, long after Mother’s Day has passed. The beauty of sustainable and eco-conscious gifts is that they provide a long and lasting impact on the world we live in. Wishing every mom, and mother figure, a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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