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Girls with ‘nice girl face’ have it just as bad as girls with ‘bitch face’

You’ve probably heard the term “resting bitch face,” aka a face that looks bitchy even when it’s in repose. However, you may not be as aware of it’s counterpart, “resting nice girl face,” which may sound better but comes with similar frustrations.

I personally suffer from resting nice girl face, meaning you’ll often catch me smiling or just looking pleasant even if I’m in a wretched mood. I can’t help it. It’s just how I was born. And most of the time, I have no idea I’m doing it until someone makes a comment or I look in a mirror. The ironic part is that I’m actually not so nice a lot of the time.

I’m incredibly competitive — anyone who’s been in a game of Trivial Pursuit with me can attest to that — and I’m ruthless in an argument when I think I’m right about something. I’m also pretty judgmental and scathing, especially when it comes to the stupid things that happen on reality TV. I also enjoy screaming obscenities at bad drivers a little too much when I’m behind the wheel. But, apparently, none of that matters because when people see my smiling face, they equate me to a cute, cuddly stuffed animal.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not about being pretty. It’s simply to do with the fact that I look approachable and friendly, so complete strangers assume I’ll be helpful and nice. Sometimes I have to actively make an angry face so that I’m left alone on the way to the subway. I would honestly love to see what life looks like through “resting bitch face” for a day because being the “nice girl” is so damn exhausting. Here are just a few of the struggles people with “nice girl face” have daily.

1. You are always the target of people taking surveys on the street

Image: gifsoup

I understand the impulse to go for the face that looks open and friendly, but looks can be deceiving, Sir.

2. You get hit on in the strangest places

Image: Giphy

I feel like guys often attempt “meet cutes” with me because I give off that Meg Ryan effect. Prime spots for these “adorable encounters” are the post office, grocery stores and Home Depot.

3. People push in front of you in line, and men “man spread” next to you all… the… time

Image: Tumblr

People assume you won’t stick up for yourself because you look all nice and obliging, but in my case, they are seriously mistaken. I am not afraid to call you out or kick offending legs.

4. You scare people when you curse excessively

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OK, I have to admit that I enjoy doing this because it’s fun to surprise people. But never underestimate the sweet-looking. You’ll be in for a rude awakening.

5. You always get asked to watch people’s stuff

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Or children. I am so sorry, Ma’am, but do I look like Mary freakin’ Poppins to you? Oh, I do? OK… well I’m not!

6. You get “mansplained” to on the regular

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Just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean I’m automatically a ditzy moron. You don’t need to explain to me how the vending machine works.

7. People think they can cut you off in traffic

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Anyone who knows me knows that’s a big mistake. Especially if you’re a dude and you shoot me a flirty smile while you’re doing it. I’ll cut you off right back and flash you my “nice girl” grin in return.

8. You feel like you have to live up to the “nice girl” image

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It’s not easy being nice. It’s even harder when you’re not really all that nice, and then it feels like you’re letting people down when you don’t meet those nice expectations. This is why I think I was such an overachiever in high school and college. However, once I realized it doesn’t help being the nice girl in the real world, I exchanged my “niceness” for sarcasm and cheekiness.

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