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Celebrate a spring graduation with a whimsical wildflower party

Do you know a graduate who is wild at heart? This DIY graduation party is perfect for them! Today I’m sharing a budget-friendly Wildflower Graduation party that is filled with whimsical, fun and playful ideas that are sure to suit your wild child! Whether your scholar is graduating kindergarten, high school or even college, any of these ideas can be easily adapted.

My entire party was based on the Oscar Wilde quote, “With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” After all, graduation is a joyous time to celebrate and even get a bit emotional about the amazing things that are on the horizon (tears!).

Wildflower Graduation Party

If you are sending your graduate off to college, they’ll be out on their own and away from you for the very first time. Or, you might be celebrating a college graduate! They’ve already conquered so much and are ready to hit the ground running while putting their knowledge to good use out in the workforce. Just like a wildflower, we hope all of the graduates bloom, grow and flourish no matter what challenges they may face ahead.

To get started, you’ll want to keep things within a naturally colored palette, where the flowers do most of the decorating. I used all silk flowers but if you have access to a variety of real wildflowers, use those! Because the theme is based on nature, keep the cupcakes simple! Start by baking or purchasing unfrosted cupcakes. I bought 20 unfrosted for $10 from the bakery inside the grocery store (just ask the bakery and they’ll grab some from the back!). Remove the paper lining and, using a bread knife, cut the top off of each cupcake. Then, use a little bit of frosting to create a double-layered cupcake. Place a flower on top and arrange the cupcakes on upside-down apple crates. These kinds of crates can be found at the craft store and they make perfect cupcake stands.


It’s traditional to write words of advice down for any new graduate. Have a simple spiral-bound notebook on the table for party guests to write their friendly advice to the graduate. You can also arrange small glass bottles with pieces of paper inside for friends and family to write private and personal notes to the graduates. Who doesn’t love opening a message in a bottle?

Wildflower Graduation Party

I created the backdrop using silk wildflower garlands, also found from the craft store. However, those garlands are usually pretty long. So, in order to decorate a larger space while keeping your budget in mind, simply cut each garland in half. You’ll be able to cover so much more space with half the cost!

The glass growler was purchased for less than $10 from my craft store (and I’m secretly so in love with it!). For this graduation party, I filled it with pink lemonade. Sipping on pink lemonade while being surrounded by wildflowers is perfect! I used glass milk bottles with extra-wide light purple straws to enhance the ambiance. These straws are typically used with bubble tea or smoothies, but they also happen to be the perfect length for glass milk bottles. Search the scrapbook section wherever paper goods are sold to find small “congratulations” tags. Attach them to the straws using double-sided tape.


Some other things you might want to have on hand for your Wildflower Graduation Party are:

  • A lace tablecloth (I used a vintage one passed down to me from my mom)
  • A chalkboard sign with colored chalk
  • Various jars, glasses, buckets or even cans for flower vases
  • Unique candies like white Sixlets with a wooden scoop or twisted lollipops.

Candy at wildflower party

So if your graduate is a free spirit, a wild child or someone who is ready to bloom and conquer the world in their own way, throw a wildflower graduation party for them! Your guests will be wowed, the decor is easy to find, your graduate will feel loved and, best of all, it won’t break the bank!

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