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12 Photos that show the reality of travelling with kids

A family holiday — what could be more fun? Okay, maybe a romantic weekend away with your S.O. or a spa break with your girlfriends. But this is all about fun with the kids, so you can’t leave them behind. (Sorry.)

We all love a family holiday — a great opportunity to make memories to treasure forever. But before we get to the holiday part, we need to get through the journey. However you travel with your kids, you have to approach it with a generous dose of realism. It may get a bit messy.

1. No car is big enough

They say good things come in small packages, but that’s not true when it comes to road trips. Kids need a lot of stuff. And then some.

road trip with kids

Image: Martin Thomas/Flickr

2. You can only plan so much

One aspect of family travel you can’t organise is your child’s behaviour.

Image: CloudSurfingKids/Instagram

3. Mess, mess and more mess

Within about five minutes of your journey starting, your child will look like this.

Messy kid in car

Image: Piccadilly Pink/Flickr

4. Be prepared for anything

Even though they are just little people, kids have the ability to destroy pretty much anything they come across.

Image: Christin Marie/Instagram

5. A travelling toy box

Make sure to save enough room in your car for all of your children’s must-have souvenirs.

road trip with kids

Image: Highway Patrol Images/Flickr

6. People may judge your tactics

But you have to do, what you have to do. It’s all fun and games until a child gets lost in a theme park. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Kids on a leash

Image: Ed Yourdon/Flickr

7. Get creative when you need to

You’ll surprise yourself with the ingenious ways you come up with to get the kids from A to Z.

Image: Hannah Goldman/Instagram

8. Tuning out the noise

Try to block out the tantrums. Eventually, he’ll stop or fall asleep.

Image: Lauren Caamano/Instagram

9. With minutes to go, they all crash out

And they’ll be super grumpy when you have to wake them up. Enjoy!

road trip with kids

ImageDossy Shiobara/Flickr

10. They won’t always appreciate your efforts

Regardless of how much fun you are having or how much time you spent planning the perfect holiday, one of your kids will act like you are ruining their life.

Family holiday

Image: Peter & Joyce Grace/Flickr

11. Your car will look like this

You’ll start to wonder where all the trash possibly came from.

Messy car

Image: Bugsy/Flickr

12. The memories you make will last a lifetime

Despite the stress, the tantrums and the mess, a family holiday is the perfect opportunity to connect. In a few years, no one will remember the crazy moments but they will remember how much fun you had.

Family holiday in Coffs Harbour

Image: Behan/Flickr

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