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How to turn your road trip into the ultimate scavenger hunt

The road trip is a family rite of passage. As that over-quoted saying goes, “The journey is the destination.” And that is especially the case if you’re on a road trip. The road is the destination, it’s the adventure, it’s what makes everything fun and exciting.

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If you want to avoid having your children glued to their electronics for the whole trip, you’ll have to get a little creative. A road trip scavenger hunt is the perfect way to keep the whole family engaged and make the time in the car just as fun as the destination you are heading off to.

The next time you head on a road trip, take along this nifty scavenger hunt challenge and spot some of the things that make taking road trips so great. Don’t forget the camera either, because you’re going to be snapping and sharing your photos and experiences as you go. The upside is that you can modernise it to get your children on board by incorporating selfies, hashtags, smartphones and documentation on Instagram.

Here’s how to do your own road trip scavenger hunt:

  • Before you leave, make a list of items to include in the hunt or print our list below. Get the whole family involved so they are interested from the start.
  • If you’re hitting the road with a bunch of people in separate cars, then keep track of everyone’s scavenger hunt details online by creating a hashtag like #TheRoadTripScavengerHunt.
  • Don’t forget to keep tabs of your points and take photos so you can prove who’s won.
  • Give yourself 10 points for each item; the most difficult to nab get double points.
  • Think of a fun prize related to your destination. Or even create daily prizes as you go if it’s a long trip — something like the winner gets to pick where you eat dinner.

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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Road trip scavenger hunt items:

  • Stop at a servo for a pit stop; snap a pic by the sign.
  • Spot a native animal. A particularly rare animal gets double points.
  • Take a photo of at least one person asleep in the car.
  • Pull over to play on a playground or in a park; snap a pic on the slide.
  • Get a snap with a local landmark.
  • Take a snap with the most amazing view you come across.
  • Get a picture with a “Welcome to…” sign.
  • Snap a group shot of the whole gang in the car.
  • Share a video of a car sing-along.
  • Share a foot on the dash selfie.
  • Snap a shot of an amazing sunset.
  • Take a picture of letters you see along the road. Each person has to find the letters to spell their name.
  • Big things: In Australia, we love big things. From the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour to the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast, big things can be found all across Australia.
  • Herd of cattle: Have you managed to get blocked out of a stretch of the road thanks to a herd of cattle? Well done! Give yourself double points.
  • Pie with sauce: Any number of places claim to sell the best pies in the country. If you think you’ve found the real deal, take a photo and give yourself 10 points.

What else would you add to the scavenger hunt list? Let us know in the comments section below. And be sure to send us your road trip scavenger hunt snaps on Twitter.

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