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Dalmatians meet 5-week-old kitten, and it is painfully cute (VIDEO)

The first day as a new parent is always tough. Suddenly you’re completely responsible for a little life that’s just starting to figure things out. This is especially true for adoptive parents, who might feel a bit disconnected from their new baby at first. Now imagine those adoptive parents are Dalmatians, and their new baby is a tiny tuxedo kitten. Game. Changer.

Louie and Lady always knew they wanted to be parents but figured it would be of pups, not kittens. However, they couldn’t have gotten a cuter pup substitute than 5-week-old Uno. The duo seem excited yet tentative about their new baby, especially when he shows no fear when he interacts with them.

I love how they keep coming closer to Uno, as if to say, “Don’t fight it. We’re your new parents, and we love you!” Meanwhile, Uno seems to take the forward motion as a threat and fights back (adorably) with all the fortitude a little kitten can muster. But this does not deter the dogs, who wag their tails hopefully. Eventually the kitten gives in a bit, turning his paw slaps into more delicate face pats. The whole thing is just too cute for words.

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