New age app will tell you how old you are (and make you cry)

If you ever want to feel really bad (or really good) about yourself, there is a new app that can make you feel both. Within minutes. How-Old.Net allows users to upload their selfies. It will then guess their age. Warning: Use at your own risk.

The new app from Microsoft came about when two men were messing around with Microsoft’s newly released Face Detection APIs. The result? Users can upload their selfies and give the computer algorithm a chance to guess their age. It can be fun. Like when it guessed I was 26:

26 me

Or really depressing. Like when it said I was 44:

44 me

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It got my age right:

37 me

And got it wrong again:

29 me

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Friends all had the same issue. Some hated the app when it told them they were 44. Others loved it when it said they were 11 (11!!). Much like those apps that tell you what celebrity you look like, it is an imperfect science. But it can make you think a bit about your photos.

I take a lot of running selfies. There is no makeup and my wrinkles and sun damage are on display for all to see. But that’s when I think I look my best. I am my happiest. So it’s a little disconcerting to hear I look 44. Damn you, silly website!

Personally, I am going to try to not let this get to me.

I look like what I look like. I know how old I am. People used to go on and on about how young I looked. They don’t anymore. But I don’t care. I’m generally happy with how I am aging and even if I weren’t happy from a beauty standpoint, I am at least happy I get the opportunity to do it. The alternative is far less appealing.

So whether I look my age or I don’t, none of it really matters. So app, you can’t bring me down. I have been 26 and I hope to be 44 and yes, I will look exactly the way I am supposed to look.


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