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Why social media is vital to the success of businesses

In order for any business to grow, different channels of marketing always need to be harnessed such as advertising through print or even radio. However, the one huge marketing channel that every business needs to take the best advantage of is social media.

The majority of consumers are using social media to network and to explore anything they can about any business they are interested in learning about. Traditional advertising channels still have their purposes, such as print, radio and television, by letting the consumer know there is a new product or service out. However, the consumers want to read up on other consumers’ experiences with that product or service that they had heard about on television or saw the ad for in a magazine. The channel in which they can do this is through social media, and every business must use social media to market itself. The main reasons that social media marketing for business growth is crucial are listed below.

1. Consumers are interested in networking with people, not the business itself

In other words, people want to connect with other people who are working at the company or, better yet, the business owner herself. Yes, you can find a phone number on an ad and call that number. However, social media gives the consumer an opportunity to develop a relationship with the business owner or manager which is meaningful to the consumer.

2. Reputation protection

Conversations do happen all the time on social media channels about a business or brand. If there is negative feedback about a particular business, the individual in charge of social media for that business will jump on and rectify the issue. Conversations that get out of hand, that are full of negative feedback, will harm the business or brand’s reputation if someone does not jump on and come to the rescue quickly enough.

3. Positions the business owner or manager as highly influential

In order for a business or brand to stand out, the owner or heavily involved manager of the business needs to find a way to stand out and become influential in his or her niche. Once the business owner or manager, or anyone heavily involved in the business, can master how to become influential through social media, it will spill onto his offline corporate life; clients and customers will eventually flock to his business.

4. Loyalty is created

A business owner or anyone heavily involved in the business has an opportunity to become influential in his or her niche that is relevant to the business, and is also encouraged to engage and interact with others by gaining trust and expanding her network. Not only will those in her network eventually become loyal clients or customers, they will also tell their friends, as word of mouth is very powerful.

Traditional ways of marketing are still encouraged to be used as a way for businesses to grow; however, an essential marketing channel is social media.

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