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5 No-cost ways to show your love this Mother’s Day

I’m a lucky gal. I am married to a super guy who tells me he loves me daily, showers me with attention and thinks I am beautiful even when I may be having a hard day and not acting or looking my very best. He is kind, thoughtful and works hard to provide for his family. He is hopelessly optimistic and patient, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I am also blessed with two healthy, beautiful and vibrant girls. They are the bright lights in my life and they are the impetus for my entire business. They keep me on my toes, engaged and present. They also have me running around like a chicken without a head. They move at a fast pace and I have to move even quicker to keep up with them. Despite their ages, 11 and 13, they are still sweet, innocent and look up to their mom.

So when Mother’s Day arrives each year, I am not consumed with making this day all about me. I do not fall apart if reservations haven’t been made at a fancy brunch spot or no offer has been made to bring me breakfast in bed. I don’t need a huge bouquet of flowers to display on the dining table or an expensive piece of jewelry to wear around my neck. I wouldn’t mind the latest “it” bag in periwinkle blue please… but I digress.

What makes Mother’s Day most special for me is to see my family functioning and thriving, and most importantly, utilizing and embracing the umpteen-thousand pieces of etiquette advice I dole out regularly. Yes, on this day devoted to mothers, I would be most appreciative if a pageant of life skills were put on display for my consumption. That would be quite satisfying, mostly so I know my constant nagging and reminding hasn’t been for naught. Here’s my list of five no-cost ways to show the love this Mother’s Day.

1. Put it in writing

I drone on and on about the importance of the handwritten note, and what better time for my husband and girls to get inspired and pour their most profound sentiments in a card that is filled with examples of how much I mean to them. More than a gift, it’s their thoughtful words that warm my heart.

2. Help around the house

Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday each year, a day when the dishes and the garbage seem to pile up. While I’m typically the one to happily handle these two chores, on Mother’s Day I would hope a concerted effort would be made to take out the trash, do the dishes, make their beds and pick up after themselves. On this day, I would rather not see the orange juice container left in the fridge with just one sip left or view their dirty laundry strewn on the floor right next to the hamper. I want to walk through the house freely with a spring in my step.

3. Flaunt your best-dressed

I’m not expecting tea-length dresses and tails, but I would welcome a little emphasis applied to attire whether we decide to have a casual barbecue at home or dine out at a formal restaurant. On this day, I’d prefer my husband not don his “go to” outfit of scrappy jeans and a comfy shirt, but step it up a notch for my benefit, and that my girls not grab the easiest thing from the top of their drawers, but something nice that I’ve bought them that they were saving just for this occasion, s’il vous plait.

4. Employ fine dining skills

Whether we dine al fresco or indoors, if the venue is casual or formal, I would be thrilled for my husband and girls to implement the dining skills I painstakingly struggle to teach on a daily basis. On Mother’s Day, napkins will hopefully be placed on laps and used to wipe mouths, both forks and knives will work together nicely and neatly and perhaps a little toast will be made in my honor.

5. Pay undivided attention

Not a day goes by when we’re not attached to our technology, but on Mother’s Day, smartphones, tablets, televisions and computers should all be turned off or removed from sight. Unless, of course, mom wants to use said phone, tablet, computer or television. When these devices are eliminated it creates an opening for conversation and engagement. This is the time for my husband and girls to turn on the charm, suggest a fun family activity, share intimate details of what’s happening in their lives and discuss hopes and dreams for the future. Then when night time arrives, everyone can breathe a collective sigh of satisfaction for a day well spent without mom yelling.

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