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How to grow out 5 very unique, specific haircuts

Without fail, every single client eventually wants her haircut to be changed into something different and unique. Every single time this happens, their fascination quickly becomes defeated by fear. The client worries that they will be stuck with their new haircut forever.

Whether they like it or not, it will either be a lifetime commitment or there will be an extremely long and awkward “growing out” phase. The thing is, a change with your hair never needs to be a lifetime commitment; it’s always possible to grow out your haircut without any awkward phases. Let’s go over five different unique haircuts and how to grow them out without a hitch!

1. Pixie bowl, as seen on Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Image: Nicky Nelson/

As the haircut grows out, you want your hairdresser to keep trimming the hair coming from the sides and back of your head. This will keep the style from getting too wide and bushy. Eventually the hair coming from the top of your head will be long enough to reach your ears and you’ll be left with a chic faux bob.

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2. Shaved side, as seen on Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

Image: Dan MacMedan/WireImage/Getty Images

Once you shave or buzz the side of your head you have two options. You can either show it off by allowing a side part to expose the shaved side or you can completely hide it by wearing a center part that forces longer hair to overlap it. If you want to grow out your shaved side then don’t cut it at all. Just hide it with a center part whether you want to wear it up or down.

3. Blunt bangs, as seen on Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Image: FayesVision/

These bangs are easy to grow out. Ask your stylist to gently point cut only the hair in the center of your bangs and keep that hair above the nose. This will create a soft angle stretching from the center of your bangs toward their outer edges. Once both sides of the bangs grow out, you will have soft sweeping bangs that will eventually turn into a nice angular fringe!

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4. Cropped pixie, as seen on Charlize Theron

Cherlize Therone


To keep this haircut looking great as it grows out, have your stylist continuously cut the hair short at the nape. This will keep the haircut feminine and form fitting to your head shape. Once the hair on the sides is a couple inches long, start to trim the sides like you would on the “pixie bowl” (the first haircut in this post) so it doesn’t get too wide, round and bushy looking. If you keep cutting the nape area short while only lightly trimming the sides, then this will turn into a beautiful bob!

5. Totally buzzed, as seen on Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler

Image: Frederick Breedon IV/Stringer/Getty Images

All you have to do is buzz everything but the top of your head for a couple of weeks. Once the hair on top is about a centimeter long, you can begin to grow out everything else as well. In just a couple more weeks you will have something as chic as Charlize Theron’s cropped pixie!

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