Baltimore rioter gets whooping from mom on live TV (VIDEO)

Apr 28, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. ET

This Baltimore mama definitely won't be having her son out there rioting and throwing rocks at cops thankyouverymuch.

In one of the most fearless and full-on Mama Bear moments of the year, a mother can be seen in full view of an angry mob and live television cameras, giving her son the epic smackdown of his life for throwing rocks at cops.

According to the local ABC news station, which was able to capture the moment on camera, the woman said she was at home watching the news when she recognized her son. In the video, he's shown to be wearing a full ski mask, but a mother can always recognize her baby.

Just watch this fearless queen show us all how it's done.


Maybe because it's a moment of humanity in an unimaginable situation that gives this raw moment such heart, but it also shows the sheer terror mothers of brown sons face every day when their precious boys leave the house. It's what Freddie Gray's mother knows. And Eric Garner's and Trayvon Martin's and Amadou Diallo's and Michael Brown's and countless other mothers of men of color who are murdered every day in the streets of America, seemingly without punishment. That their boy could be next.

The mother in the video doesn't need a reminder. She's the only thing standing between that boy living or becoming another statistic, and she knows that. It's hard to imagine how terrifying it would be to see your son in such a dangerous and volatile situation. It was enough to send this woman into the middle of a riot to drag her baby the hell out of there and try to smack some sense into him.

It's just what a mother does.

Bravo to her for taking care of her baby. It's a reminder that every one of those rioters and every one of those cops and National Guardsmen is someone's baby. All we can do is hope for peace and safety, work for justice and do what we can to keep our babies out of harm's way.

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