9 Ways to boost your curb appeal with landscaping

Curb appeal that makes a great first impression to not only you and your neighbors, but also potential home buyers, can increase your chances of selling your home. Maximize your curb appeal by upping your landscape game, to ultimately add value to your home. If you want your home to make a lasting first impression, landscaping is one of the easiest and most affordable ways.

Follow these nine landscaping tips from us at Porch.com to help you get the maximum curb appeal for your home!

1. Plant smart

Choose plants that coordinate well with the style and strengths of your home. Whether you want a pop of bright flowers or dense shrubs for privacy, be strategic and don’t plant carelessly.

Image: Gelotte Hommas

2. Combine color

If you don’t want the colors of your plants to mimic your home, mix in complementary shades and tones with planters and containers.

Image: Grouparchitect

3. Define a path

Starting at the curb, your landscape is affecting your home’s value and appeal. Define your paths and entrance with border plantings or decorative urns.

Image: Edmund D. Hollander Architect Landscape Design

4. Keep it clean

Your landscaping will get dirty over time, and can result in an unkempt exterior. Keep your landscaping features clean and shiny by hiring a professional to pressure wash your sidewalk, driveway and hardscape.

Image: Phil Kean Designs

5. Tidy border plantings

Don’t let your plants overwhelm your landscaping. Tailoring your shrubs, flowers and any other border plantings into a neat and orderly fashion will help present a clean and well-cared-for home.

Image: Ag-Trac Enterprises LC

6. Illuminate your house numbers

Make sure your home doesn’t get missed by brightening your house numbers. Replacing, painting or lighting your house numbers will add to your landscaping and curb appeal.

Image: Darren Patt Construction

7. Trim trees

Large, shabby trees can shed branches and cut out sunlight surrounding your home. Trim back your trees so that they complement your home’s best qualities rather than cover them.

Image: Seaside Construction

8. Add lighting

Lighting up your landscape is a great way to add curb appeal even on the darkest of days. Incorporate step lights, hang string lights, add path lights or mount wall lights to give your home that extra glow.

Image: Advanced Renovations, Inc.

9. Create a welcome landing

Welcome visitors with a warm entrance by creating a soft landing. Hang colorful wreaths on your front door, display fresh potted plants or install water features that will draw in potential buyers.

Image: Wentworth Inc.


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