DIY colorful beaded key chains

Do you ever look for the keys in your bag and can’t find them? This bright key chain can help you solve this problem.

DIY Colorful Beaded Keychains 1

Key chains are little, humble accessories that can have a big impact in our lives. They are lifesavers when we are in a morning rush, or when we are coming back from the store with plenty of grocery bags and trying to locate keys in a purse that seems to be bottomless.

You will love these bright, beaded chains — I can spot my keys in no time. And apart from the obvious function, they also have a great decorative value. You can personalize them in many ways to fit your style, but make sure they are in bright colors.

DIY Colorful Beaded Keychains 2

You will need:

  • Neon string
  • Key rings
  • Wooden beads
  • Colorful nail polish or paint to decorate your beads
  • Spray sealer

DIY Colorful Beaded Keychains 3


  1. Cut the neon string to the desired length.
  2. Paint the beads twice using nail polish or colorful paint. Wait for them to dry well. Once dry, spray with the sealer to make sure the color won’t peel off.
  3. When your beads are ready, pass the neon string through them, and make a knot at the end of the string to prevent the beads from falling.
  4. Attach a key ring with your keys to the other side and enjoy your new, bright accessory!

DIY Colorful Beaded Keychains 4

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