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Let’s stop treating cleavage like it’s something women have to hide


You shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt your curves. Wear what makes you comfortable, of course, but embrace your natural (or “store-bought”) beauty, cleavage and all. If that means showing a little skin even if you’re just wearing a cute top and jeans to the movies, then go for it and do it without any shame.

Here are five more looks you can “do cleavage” in beautifully and flawlessly.

1. Evening dresses

Evening gowns with a little oomph in the bust can be ultra-chic and sophisticated. “Certain evening gowns that show cleavage can be pulled off in an elegant way,” says Elycia Rubin, the former style director of E! and author of Frumpy to Foxy in 15 Minutes Flat.

2. Bathing suits

If you’ve got it, it’s often hard not to flaunt it in a bikini or one-piece. So do it! You’ll look and feel super sexy once you’ve picked out the one that “suits” you best. Just make sure you have some support so you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction on the beach or at the pool, Rubin advises.

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3. V-neck and halter tops

V-neck and halter tops with a little “plunge” to show off your assets are super pretty and not at all questionable, especially with the right stuff underneath. “One of the keys is wearing a good bra,” Rubin says — one that accentuates your cleavage perfectly.

4. Summer dresses

Summer dresses are cute and flirty, and those that are a little revealing in the chest area are even more smokin’. What better time to show your girls than when it’s hot outside? Meow!

5. Blouses

A blouse can be a classy way to give your bust a boost, especially when you pair it with something that has flair, like a sexy-but-coy fitted skirt (maybe with a ruffle at the bottom or a slit up the side), a pair of tight boot-cut pants or even just some skinny jeans.

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The takeaway? Showing cleavage can be stylish, fun and even elegant. Whatever you wear to do it, wear it with confidence and own it. You’re hot!

“It can be perfectly lovely to show a bit — it can be feminine,” Rubin says. It is feminine.

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