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Create this fashionable DIY concrete stool

Do you wonder why you should make a concrete stool? Because it is your own homemade design piece and costs less than $10!

DIY Concrete Stool

Concrete is a big trend in interior design and decorating because of its industrial feel. The easiest way to introduce this trend in your home is by adding concrete elements, for example a stool. Have a look how to make your own design piece by mixing a bag of concrete and adding wooden poles.

You will need:

  • Plastic bucket from your local hardware store (preferably with a flat bottom)
  • Bag of concrete mix
  • 3 same size stool legs
  • Optional: Paint color of your choice, paint brush, sandpaper


DIY Concrete Stool steps

  1. Prepare your bucket by cleaning it well. Inside the bucket, mix a bag of concrete with water until the mixture is smooth, following the instructions on the packaging. Leave it for a couple of hours.
  2. When the concrete has thickened a little bit, place stool legs inside the concrete. Make sure they are aligned evenly. If it’s necessary, hold the legs in the right position until the concrete sets.
  3. Leave it overnight (for about 20 hours in total).
  4. In the morning, gently remove your stool from the bucket and make any adjustments if needed (polish the seat with the sand paper, cut uneven legs).
  5. By leaving it raw, you will add an industrial feel to your home. A bit of black color will make it more elegant, so it’s up to you.

DIY Concrete Stool: finished

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