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It’s Fashion Revolution Day: Here’s how you can make a difference

On April 24, 2013, 1,133 people died in the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, one of the worst manufacturing tragedies of all time. As a mark of tribute on the second anniversary of the tragedy, today is Fashion Revolution Day — and you can join in.

Fashion Revolution is an international movement, with support from people in 71 countries and a ton of celebrity participants, including chef Melissa Hemsley, Eco-Age founder Livia Firth and model Lily Cole.

The campaign is fighting for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain, hoping to make shoppers think more carefully about where their clothes have come from. Do you know who made the sweater you’re wearing right now? Or the jeans in your favourite online store? Most of us don’t, and it’s a question we should be asking.

Because the alternative is that the garments we buy, wear and love — often until something else catches our eye, and then much of our purchases end up in the charity shop bin without further thought — do not follow an ethical, sustainable path to our wardrobes. If we don’t know how, where and by whom something was made, we can’t decide whether we want to contribute to the process.

By asking questions of our retailers and designers, we take responsibility, create a conversation and can demand change.

Help raise awareness by taking a photo of yourself wearing an item of clothing inside out (showing the label), sharing it on your social channels, tagging the brand and asking them the important question #whomademyclothes?

Just like these people have done:
Image: Fashion Revolution/Instagram

Image: Fashion Revolution Day/Instagram

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Image: Fashion Revolution Day/Instagram

Image: Fashion Revolution Day/Instagram
Image: Fashion Revolution Day/Instagram

Visit Fashion Revolution for more information.

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