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Easy solutions to 7 uncomfortable apparel problems

There’s a price we pay for looking so damn good in lady fashion.

If you’re a human female, you know the price is paid in complete discomfort. Thankfully, many of your apparel woes are easily solved with a little creativity and gumption. Here we present seven of the most common apparel problems and their surprisingly simple solutions.

1. The ill-fitting lining

The problem: Your work slacks and dresses appear to hang perfectly on the outside, but there’s something that feels wrong with the lining. You think that the seamstress made the lining in a size too small or otherwise assembled it while she was doing shots.

The fix: You can always take your clothing to a seamstress for an alteration. Alternatively, you can remove the lining with a seam ripper. If you need more coverage, wear a slip or a pair of Spanx underneath the lining-free item.

2. The thigh chafe

The problem: You know the thigh gap trend is dumb, but sometimes you wonder if it wouldn’t solve your chafing problems in a summer dress or shorts.

The fix: If you’re wearing a dress, don a pair of Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts to prevent the rub. If shorts are your deal, rub some Body Glide onto your hot spots to prevent undesirable chafing.

3. The strapless slide

The problem: You’re bumping and grinding on the dance floor like it’s prom 2004 and your teensy strapless bra takes a nosedive towards your belly button. There’s nothing like spending the whole evening tugging your bra back up to where it’s supposed to be.

The fix: Affix fashion tape to the inside of the bra before putting it on for a night on the town. The sticky tape will hold the bra where it belongs. (Incidentally, this also works to close the gap if you suffer from a button-down shirt that allows people to see your breasts.)

4. The blistered heel

The problem: Your adorable new pair of shoes has left your heels looking like something out of The Walking Dead.

The fix: Don’t give the shoes to a frenemy just yet. If your flesh is already mangled, protect the blister by applying blister pads, which adhere like bandages.

5. The underwire stab

The problem: You paid at least $7 at Ross Dress for Less for this lacy underwire and now it’s holding you hostage. The underwire has broken free and is stabbing you in retribution for a mistake you made in a past life.

The fix: If you’re in a pinch, cut a strip of moleskin to cover the hole through which the wire is poking you. It’s a temporary fix, but it can work to contain the wire for a few days. In the event you need a more permanent solution, do a DIY fix with Fix A Bra, which boasts stronger adhesive than moleskin.

6. The itchy tag

The problem: You’re certain that you’ve fallen into a specific kind of hell, and the poky stitching on your tag is entirely to blame.

The fix: Cover the itchy tag with tape. Seriously. Undercover Tape is a hypoallergenic, self-adhesive tape that was designed by two moms who wanted to permanently wave goodbye to annoying tags and hems.

7. The flats that crush your will to live

The problem: Just when you thought your arches would get a break from strappy stilettos, you discovered the torture that is ballet flats.

The fix: Maybe I’m just approaching 30, but I’m starting to believe that all of life’s problems can be solved with a pair of insoles. Look for slimmer insoles that are made specifically for flats.

Tell us: What’s your most annoying apparel problem?

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