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5 Budget looks inspired by spring runway trends we love

Spring is finally here, and to celebrate we thought we would help you recreate the trends that strutted down the runway during World MasterCard Fashion Week. We promise that these trends are worth a try.


Image: The Collections, George Pimentel and Serge Kerbel

This sexy trend seems to be everywhere, but you do not have to be a model or a size zero to pull it off. It all depends on where the cutouts sit on your body. This trend actually can make one look slimmer than they actually are, if it is done correctly. It is all about playing with lines and illusions, ladies!

Above you’ll see a red-hot stunner from Mikael D. We love how this bold color offsets the cutouts of choice. The looks below have particular cutouts that narrow in the waist. This is achieved because they are placed at the most narrow part of the torso.

The cut-out trend for every gal

WYLDR cut-out skater dress (TopShop, $74)
White heart cutout dress (, $58)

Color contrast

Image: The Collections, George Pimentel and Serge Kerbel

The great aspect about this trend is you can rock it in any silhouette. If you are feeling bold, try pink and red or yellow and orange. However, if you are not used to being bold with your colors, opt for a shade and a color. A bold color with cream always looks classy, yet trendy.

We love the strong contrast, shown above, from Helder Diego. However, if you want to ease yourself into this trend, try the look below. It is balanced, which is always important when you are experimenting with a new look.

Color Contrast
Miss Selfridge calf length skirt (House of Fraser, $53)


Image: The Collections, George Pimentel and Serge Kerbel

The rebirth of the Canadian tuxedo is also adored by celebrities, believe it or not. Please stay away from doing the same shade of denim throughout your outfit. Instead, look for different shades, details and accents to keep the look balanced.

We love this denim look above by Triarchy, from head to toe. The details are fun and the rolled sleeves reveal another shade of denim that complements the details, which run from thigh to shin. The pieces I chose below (left) are affordable and can be mixed and matched in multiple ways.


Blue denim dress (, $54)
Levi’s relax shirt (, $98)
Topshop western jacket (, $75)
Pieces dark blue pants (, $53)

Bold accessories

Image: The Collections, George Pimentel and Serge Kerbel

Fashion week also highlighted a lot of great accessories, but these pieces from Rita Tesolin stole our hearts. They were the finishing touch to David Dixon’s runway collection. They were boldly beautiful, strong, yet feminine.

Do not be afraid to experiment with accessories because they can change any look dramatically and if you have a change of heart, you can always take it off and place it in your purse until you head home for the day or night!

Bold accessories

As they say, life is a runway so get out there, strut your stuff and do not be afraid to try some of these trends. Even using a small element from one of these suggestions will add some excitement to your ever-evolving look.

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