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8 Steps to perfect twist-outs for curly hair


Now that it’s getting warmer I can wet my hair in the morning and let my hair air dry, but if I want a more defined look or have to be somewhere early, I usually don’t like to have wet hair. So twist-outs are a great way to prep for the next day and make sure your curls are on point.

Some girls like to do a single twist, however, I like to do my twist like cornrow braids! This method is called a Flat-Twist-Out! To me it’s much easier and faster. For all my girls with curls, here’s a step-by-step process that you can do, too.

Step 1:

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-wash

First I washed my hair with Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-wash. FYI, coarse and curly hair need lots of moisture! It’s extremely important to stay away from products that strip your hair of natural oils and to hydrate your hair daily!

Side note: In between my co-washes, I like to wash my hair with a shampoo every two weeks! That way my hair isn’t unbearably oily and still weightless.

Step 2:

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Shea Moisture Hair Smoothie

Next I dried my hair with a towel. I dry it to the point where water isn’t dripping from my hair. Then I take a generous amount of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and massaged it throughout my hair!

Step 3:

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Part hair front to back

I then parted a section of my hair from front to back.

Step 4:

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Add more hair smoothie

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Add argon oil

After parting, I put a little more hair smoothie in my hair and a drop of argan oil. This helps maintain moisture, shine and prevents breakage. Olive and coconut oil are also perfect products that help replenish your hair.

Step 5:

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Twist hair like braids

I then proceed to twist my hair taking two strands and overlapping them like a braid.

Step 6:

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Twist ends into bantu knots

I twist my hair all the way to the end. To prevent shrinking, sometimes I let the twist hang, but this time I twisted the ends into bantu knots!

Step 7:

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Repeat steps 3 through 6

Then I repeated steps 3 through 6 until my entire head was twisted!

I usually do this before I go to sleep. So I would put a scarf on and hit the sack for a few hours and take my twist out in the morning. If you’re not sleeping and still want to do the twist, give your hair some time to dry before taking them out.

Step 8:

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Unravel hair

Now comes the fun part! After my hair is dry I gently unraveled my twist.

And done!

How to do Flat Twist Outs: Finished

After all my hair is out, I played with it to make sure no parts are visible and voilà!

All the products used can be purchased at your local drugstore, Target or Walmart!

Images: Malike Sidibe/Sheknows

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