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Michelle Obama’s reaction to this little girl asking her age is adorable

With this little girl’s charm and grace, she could easily grow up to be president one day. Plus, she already knows how to be totally laudatory.

I adore this little girl in her cute dress with her little white tights and she obviously knows exactly how to impress her elders. By having the perfect reaction to Michelle Obama’s response to the question: How old are you?

This happened during The White House’s Annual Take Our Sons and Daughters To Work Day where the first lady fielded questions from The Boys and Girls Club, D.C. Child and Family Services and the children of Executive Office employees.

The first lady is a gorgeous woman who obviously takes amazing care of herself, plus it isn’t like 51 years old is decrepit anyway. I can remember being tiny like this little girl and also thinking that anyone over the age of 25 was basically ready for a nursing home. I think it’s so awesome that this little girl will have this video to remember forever. And show her own kids when she is the terribly old age of 51!

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