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8 Timeless style tips we can take from Old Hollywood’s leading ladies

Old Hollywood’s leading ladies have taught us about everything. Life. Love. And most importantly, style. These sartorially savvy sirens gave glamour a new meaning back in the day, leaving behind a legacy that lives on today.

So the next time you’re having a clothing crisis, look to these lessons from the icons of the silver screen.

1. Never underestimate the power of simplicity

Image: Darlene Hammond/Getty Images

Less is more. Audrey Hepburn turned that statement into an unforgettable image that will be eternally stylish. A little black dress, a crisp-collared shirt and a pair of black ankle pants are all you need to conquer the world with confidence.

2. Embrace your curves

Sohpia Loren

Image: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Dressing for your body type is crucial to pulling off any look with effortless ease. Sophia Loren was one woman who knew how to accentuate her best assets. If you stick with what works for your figure, you’ll always look great. And when you look great, you feel great.

3. Style starts with sophistication

Grace Kelly

Image: Supplied by

The key to great style is impeccable taste; you can’t have a fabulous wardrobe without it. Grace Kelly was the epitome of elegance, favoring a feminine flair, all about the details. Look poised to perfection by slipping into some lace and a flowing circle skirt with a cinched waist.

4. Ensembles are essential

Doris Day

Image: Universal Studios

To be perfectly pulled together, you need to have a completed look. Doris Day donned matching hats, gloves and coats making her outfits masterpieces of style. Shop for some versatile complementary garments that will take any look to the next level.

5. Sometimes you need a little sparkle

Elizabeth Taylor

Image: Supplied by

The right jewelry can make all the difference. After all, Elizabeth Taylor’s most memorable love affair was with her diamonds. Sparkle from the outside in with a statement earring or necklace that will give you perfect amount of glitz to dazzle everyone.

6. Sexy doesn’t depend on skin

Lauren Bacall

Image: Supplied by

A little skin goes a long way. Look at Lauren Bacall, the queen of seductive sophistication. She oozed sex appeal when she was covered up, rocking structured suits and slacks. Skip the skimpy and go for a tailored look that leaves more to the imagination than the eye.

7. It’s all about the eyes

Natalie Wood

Image: Supplied by

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. Through the ever-changing Hollywood trends, Natalie Wood’s eye makeup always made a consistent smoldering statement. Captivate the crowds with a feathered lash look highlighted by a precise liquid line and bold brows.

8. Casual can always be fashionable

Marilyn Monroe


An understated look can be just as sexy as a dress. Although she immortalized the skin-baring silhouette, Marilyn Monroe opted for a more casual look off set. Pair some high-waist capris with a tight knit or loose button-down for a simple but memorable look.

There are countless fashion tips we can take away from the A-list lovelies of golden cinema, but they all have one thing in common: Classic will always be contemporary. Because some things never go out of style.

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