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A Starbucks Frappuccino-themed fashion show just happened in Japan

Starbucks usually makes a big to-do when they announce a new drink, but this time they really went for it. They hosted a Frappuccino fashion show in honor of their new summer drink, the Fruits-on-top-yogurt Frapp. You heard that right. A fashion show. For a Frappuccino.

The event was called “The Starbucks Summer Party 2015” and consisted of a lot of fashionable people walking around drinking the new frapp while watching models parade around the stage dressed as ingredients in the drink. The ingredient-inspired outfits were designed by Taro Horiuchi, a Tokyo-based designer.

I remember doing a similar fashion show when I was in third grade dressed as an apple (it was a play about nutrition), but we didn’t get any fun free drinks. The whole thing looks a little like a nightmare I once had about coffee; I was drinking a lot of frapps last summer and dreamt that I was at a school dance with a bunch of giant frapps who wouldn’t talk to me.

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This party looks like a lot more fun and not nearly as scary, but it’s still the most random thing you’ll read today. While it’s a bit weird, I do have to admit the music is catchy and even makes me feel light-hearted and in the mood for something sweet. Clever trick, Starbucks! I guess I underestimated you… slightly.
The drink itself sounds pretty tasty. It’s yogurt blended with nuts and topped with jam and whipped cream. Sounds a bit more like a breakfast treat than a drink, but I for one enjoy having my breakfast in an easy-to-consume manner, so I would totally give this a try. However, I simply will never get on board with a model carrying an almond clutch with a tassel. It’s too prosaic and takes me out of the fantasy.

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At the end of the day, this Frappuccino fashion show is a creative way to get the world to take notice of this fun new summer drink. But Starbucks, you could step up your fashion game next time, but I suppose that’s why you sell coffee instead of chiffon?

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