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Your entire Google search history is now available at the touch of a button

Just in case you want to know what you searched for at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 17 in 2011, Google has made it possible for people to download their complete search history.

Remember all those times you googled “which Spice Girl am I quiz”? Well, that is forever available in your Google search history.

If someone was to go through my Google search history, they might be surprised to find “what does a normal vagina look like?” in there. I may have even googled the lyrics to a Lindsay Lohan song. So shoot me. Luckily only you can search and download your own Google search history. Phew!

Download your Google search history

To be able to download your own search history, you must have a Google account. Then all you have to do is pop over to your Account History button, then click on the cog in the top right corner and select download.

You’ll then download a .Zip file which contains all the potentially embarrassing searches you’ve done. Yes, even that time you googled “nail polish for dogs”. It’s all in there.

Download your Google search history

Anyone who has a Gmail account can access their own information, regardless of age or location. But information is only collected while you’re logged into your Google account with the feature turned on. You have to be logged into your Google account in order to access the information, so leave this to your own private computer.

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It’s interesting to go through search items and see what was sparking your interest three years ago, but the reach Google has and the knowledge it gains from such processes helps it to personalise advertising. Some people mightn’t worry about this, while others do and see it as an invasion of privacy.

However, you can disable the feature through your Google account. But keep in mind that your searches can also be recorded through other means, including through the use of your IP address, which can potentially be accessed by the government or the police, if Google approves.

What dirt does Google have on you? Dish the dirt on your own Google search history in the comments section below.

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