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Kylie Jenner lip craze inspires dangerous beauty trend

Lots of people want to know how Kylie Jenner got her plump, pouty lips. Maybe you don’t believe her when she says they’re natural, but I think it’s safe to say that she definitely didn’t get them this way.

By “this way” we of course mean the DIY method of placing a shot glass or bottle mouth around your lips, sucking the air out to create a vacuum and breaking the suction to reveal fat lips and a veiny, bruised pout:

The Kylie Jenner challenge, which has its own hashtag on Twitter and Instagram as well as an entire Twitter account dedicated to chronicling the results, has officially reached critical mass, with boys and girls across the country practically maiming their lips to achieve what could technically be described as “bee-stung” lips if one had a severe allergy to bees.

There are a number of reasons to not do this very stupid thing, all of which you probably don’t need to be told, but let’s go over them one by one anyway.

1. It hurts. A lot.
You’re essentially creating a vacuum over the thinnest, most sensitive skin on your body, and that causes the blood vessels to burst. In no universe is this a good idea.

All you have to do is watch a video of any of the people doing this and gauge their immediate reaction to the feeling: pain, followed by the shock of what they’ve done to their poor lips. The pictures being spread around social media show bruised lips and skin, broken blood vessels and rings of red welts over an area you need to use daily. It isn’t just the challenge portion that hurts; eating and speaking can be painful after you do this.

2. It has the potential to hurt a lot worse too.

A lot of people are using a shot glass to get the exaggerated results that we’re seeing, and there’s something important to remember about shot glasses: They’re usually made of glass, and if they break, then enjoy your mouthful of glass, I guess. I’m betting you probably won’t, though.

3. It looks really bad.

It’s true that multiple products already exist on the market now to plump your lips with suction, and even those sometimes require concealer to cover up bruising. A shot glass, a Frappuccino bottle or a yogurt cup is not any of those products, and they don’t plump your lips — they disfigure them. You’re better off using a topical lip product that’s much safer.

4. It looks bad for a lot longer than you’d think.
This little stunt might be good just for the laughs if it wasn’t for the fact that it takes forever to start looking normal again. The person above still looked like she had been punched in the mouth a full week after she took part in the challenge.

5. The internet is forever.

Like most things, this is probably one of those passing fads that people are tempted to do because it’s a quick way to be a part of something that’s getting a lot of attention. Surely we don’t live in a world where people actually think this is a legitimate beauty tip. But funny fads notwithstanding, people look really stupid doing this. And after they do this. Forever, because nothing dies on the internet.

So remember: Lip plumping optical illusions using lip liner is good. Punishing your face by maiming your lips with a shot glass is bad. It’s as simple as that.

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