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#ObamaTownHall allowed a community of women to let their voices be heard

I’ve been trying to figure out how to adequately thank and celebrate this community for the extraordinary support you offered #ObamaTownHall. Here is my attempt.

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For 11 years, I have known how articulate and personally courageous you all are. And now I think it’s fair to say the world does, too.

When the Obama Administration reached out with an opportunity to join a historic moment for American women and families on Tax Day 2015, I never hesitated to say “Yes, please, what an honor.” Because I know you — we here in the home office know your passionate conversations and the quality content you churn out on your blogs. Every day. And on every topic from parenting to politics.

This community already is filled with the leaders I’ve been waiting for, across the entire political and personal spectrum, as every single annual BlogHer Conference proves. Yes, I’m looking at you 100 North Carolina-area SheKnows Media experts, bloggers and influencers. And also you 20,000+ experts, bloggers, and social influencers who make us the #1 women’s lifestyle digital media company.

Just watch this video — I am SO proud of all of you:

Thank you all for rising to the occasion under intense pressure to share personal, perhaps painful questions and stories in front of the world. Like you did last week—from blog posts and tweets to private survey responses.

Thank you, too, for using social media to share your private triumphs and struggles and worries and beliefs in order to help your virtual neighbor. Like you did last week and do every week.

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And, above all, thank you for your leadership in the ethos of civil disagreement that continues to make it possible for us talk about things we desperately need to be able to discuss — at the kitchen counter, local, state, and national level— to move our nation forward.

It’s all you. You delivered.

Thank you. I am so, so proud to be part of this community.

This post was originally published on BlogHer, where you can find each of the #ObamaTownHall and #WomensLives blog posts.

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