10 Surprisingly awesome kid science projects from Pinterest

May 31, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Remember when a simple atom mobile was more than enough to get the job done at a science fair?

Science projects for kids
Image: Graphic by Karen Cox/Sheknows, Photo provided by davemcdphoto/Getty Images

Sorry, Mom, those days are gone — at least if you want your kid to make it into an Ivy League college someday. These Pinterest science projects will show you how far we've come from the days of dioramas and volcano experiments, and perhaps serve as some fodder for future projects.

1. The lemon battery

lemon battery

Image: Jay Willard/Part Recipe

Citrus as a battery? How amazing! You'll just need a few lemons, nails and copper and zinc wires for this experiment.

2. The eggshell geode


Image: Laura/Make Life Lovely

Crystals are stunning, but especially when you grow them yourself (and in an eggshell, to boot).

3. The bristlebots


Image: Evil Mad Scientist

Robotics are fascinating. Your kid will think so, too, after he or she builds a bristlebot. With some basic electronic supplies and toothbrushes, these mini-bots will start moving and shaking in no time.

4. The leak-proof bag

leak proof bag

Image: Louise & Jenni/Paging Fun Mums

How does this work? It's the science of plastic polymers, ladies and gentlemen. This simple project shows how the molecules that comprise plastic materials can flex and stretch to create an effective and fascinating seal.

5. The biosphere


Image: Make Labs/MakeZine.com

With a handful of supplies, you can create a self-sustaining environment in a jar — complete with real animals and plants that need no further caretaking after the project is complete.

6. The jar beehive

jar beehive

Image: Handimania.com

Is your older child interested in going green? With some wood, plywood, jars and a beehive kit, this beehive project proves that it's possible to produce your own food sources in the comfort of your suburban backyard.

7. The solar cooker

solar cooker

Image: Joann Collins/Ten Kids and a Dog

It doesn't take much to cook a s'more — or other items, for that matter. Rig together a pizza box solar cooker for your child's science experiment and snap some pictures of green energy at work!

8. The rainbow rose

rainbow roses

Image: Elisabeth Kruger/DIY & Crafts

Your crafty little gardener will love to create these rainbow roses. A dozen white roses and a little food coloring will demonstrate how plants draw water into their structures from the ground.

9. The popsicle stick explosion

potential energy

Image: Angela Conley/Mom Trusted

Science experiments don't need to be messy. This fun and explosive chain reaction of popsicle sticks demonstrates the concept of potential energy from physics.

10. The aqua sand experiment

aqua sand

Image: Louise & Jenni/Paging Fun Mums

Even if a science fair isn't in your immediate future, this neat project demonstrates the brilliant chemistry of a simple water-repellent spray. (Not to mention it makes a pretty rad backdrop for any kind of underwater diorama your kid can imagine.)

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