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15 Things every short girl understands

Being short comes with its own special assortment of “this is your life” moments tall people just don’t understand. If you’re short, you’ll totally understand where we are coming from here, and if not… welcome to our world!

1. Glass jars don’t belong on the top shelf

breaking wine glass

Image: Giphy

Dear grocery store managers: Short people eat pickles, too. If we want to reach them, we have to wait patiently for (or go stalk) a tall person or worse, stand in our shopping carts. Or we can just use the packet of spaghetti we got on aisle five to scootch it toward the edge until it tips off into our hopefully adept tiny little hands.

2. Concerts may as well be the radio

crazy concert

Image: Giphy

With the sea of tall people in front of us and your rules about sitting on people’s shoulders, we may as well just save the few hundred bucks those tickets cost and wait until HBO airs it.

3. Conan O’Brien is just as hot as Alexander Skarsgård

alexander skarsgard flying away

Image: Giphy

Any man who’s tall enough to dust the fan blades on a vaulted ceiling with nothing but a Swiffer Extender is a 10 in my book.

4. Car manufacturers have it out for us

guy looking up over steering wheel

Image: Giphy

If it’s not the steering wheel semi-obstructing your view, the seat doesn’t quite go up far enough.

5. Step stools are necessary kitchen equipment

stack of dishes falling on a girl's head

Image: Giphy

Kitchen cabinets weren’t made for anyone under 5-foot-5 — it’s just a fact.

6. Shopping for jeans is just insulting

dog wearing jeans

Image: Giphy

I don’t know what’s worse — having to ask for a petite when you’re a size 12 or flipping through the rack endlessly for one of the two size “shorts” they have in your size. Oh, and can we discuss how they always put the short sizes on the top shelves of the jean walls?

7. On the bonus side, you always know a good tailor

tailor trying to size inflatable toy

Image: Giphy

Because even if you can find a short size, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be 2 inches too long.

8. Dating can be awkward

really awkward kiss

Image: Giphy

When your main squeeze is a foot or more taller than you, normal couple things like holding hands and kissing look just as awkward as they feel.

9. Your feet never quite seem to touch the floor when seated

feet dangling off chair

Image: Giphy

It’s hard not to feel like a 6-year-old when your feet dangle when you sit — it’s especially humiliating at a business meeting when your pumps fall off and clack on the floor.

10. Gynecologist appointments can get weirder

doctor peering with light

Image: Giphy

It starts when you walk into the room and still need that ridiculous pullout stool to get up on the table. But it doesn’t end there. There’s always that awkward two minutes where your legs are splayed trying to reach the stirrups and the doctor fumbles trying to get them into a position where your feet can reach. Who are her other clients, anyway? Amazons?

11. Strappy shirts (and even bras) come with their own special problems

woman losing her bra strap

Image: Giphy

When your torso is short, bra straps on the shortest setting still slide off, which means special bras. Overalls are supposed to be back this spring, too. Pro tip: If you cross them in the back, they won’t spend most of their time around your elbows.

12. Bar stools and large trucks are your nemeses

seal falling off surf board

Image: Giphy

Like regular chairs aren’t bad enough, trying to get on or off a bar stool or in or out of a big truck (especially in a skirt) is just never going to be as graceful as you’d like it to be.

13. The old “human armrest” gag

man saying don't touch me

Image: Giphy

Yeah, guys. If you lean on my head, I make a perfect standing armrest. Hilarious. Never heard that one before.

14. Average and tall people: I’m a human, not a pocket gnome

leonard saying that's how we roll in the shire on big bang theory

Image: Giphy

“You make me feel so tall!” Glad I could help. While I’m at it, I’m not a munchkin, a hobbit or fun size, either.

15. Being small isn’t bad at all

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