Make your own seed bombs for the garden

May 25, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Image: Amy Vowles/SheKnows

You don't need a green thumb to grow beautiful flowers in your garden. All you need are a few seed bombs you can whip up yourself, and Mother Nature will take care of the rest.

Seed bombs supplies


  • Colorful paper
  • Wildflower seeds
  • Paper shredder or scissors
  • Blender
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Mini muffin tin
  • Bowl
  • Spoon


1. Shred the paper

Seed bombs step 1

Use a paper shredder or scissors to shred the paper into tiny pieces.

2. Make the pulp

Seed bombs step 2

Make a paper pulp by putting 4 sheets of shredded paper and 1 cup of water in a blender. Blend until a pulp forms.

3. Add the seeds

Seed bombs step 3

Transfer the paper pulp to a bowl and add in 1 packet of wildflower seeds. Stir until the seeds are completely mixed in with the paper.

4. Remove the water

Seed bombs step 4

Transfer the pulp mixture into a fine mesh strainer (if you don't have a strainer, you can use a paper towel). Press any excess water out of the pulp.

5. Make the seed bombs

Seed bombs step 5

Press the pulp mixture firmly into the mini muffin tin. Set the tray in a warm place to dry for 24-48 hours.

6. Plant your garden

How to make seed bombs

After the seed bombs have dried, remove them from the muffin tin — they are ready to plant. Simply toss them in the backyard and let Mother Nature take care of the rest.

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