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The emotional stages of getting a cystic pimple in your 30s

The stress of being a grown-up comes with many things: Frown lines, puffy eyes, dry skin… and sometimes, if you’re really lucky, a cystic pimple the size of Mount Everest.

1. The discovery

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Once upon a time, you’re doing your usual morning mirror check — and discover a red blotch on your face.

2. The inspection

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Against your better judgment, you poke it. Then you poke it again.

3. The denial

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Whatever. You’re not going to let a little thing like a pimple ruin your day. This isn’t high school…

4. The horror

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You know, until the next morning when you notice it’s invading your face.

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5. The desperation

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You don’t so much dab concealer on as you do pour.

6. The awkwardness

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You spend so much time on your makeup you’re late for work — but once they see that your face exploded, they’ll totally understand.

7. The confusion

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Only, nobody says a word. Not. One. Word.

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8. The breakdown

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You’ve tried everything, and it just keeps getting bigger! Why isn’t anybody saying anything?!

9. The victory


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Once you’ve finally survived your skin’s cruelty, you celebrate with your best friends: Ben and Jerry. Natch.

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