Miniature kawaii felted characters for the nerd girls in your life

Cute things on Etsy, duh. But have you seen these felted characters?

Because they’re actually the cutest.

Felted Totoro is cute

Felted Totoro by xxNostalgic

Image: xxNostalgic

Felted panda is cute too

Felted Panda by xxNostalgic

Image: xxNostalgic

Felted fluffy sheep is the cutest

Felted Fluffy Sheep by xxNostalgic

Image: xxNostalgic

Actually, felted turtle is the cutest

Felted Turtle by xxNostalgic

Image: xxNostalgic

But then there’s felted electric mouse too…

Felted Elecric Mouse by xxNostalgic

Image: xxNostalgic

See? I told you. You’re welcome.

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