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ICYMI: 16 Corgi Beach Day photos too cute to believe

The first few weeks of spring bring with them warmer temperatures, the first flower blooms and, most importantly, the annual Corgi Beach Day. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re about to have your mind blown. It’s the one day of the year when hundreds of Corgis are given free reign to frolic together on a beach in Southern California, aka the best day ever.

On Saturday, April 11, this blessed event took place in Huntington Beach, California, and adorable Corgis came from all over (with their owners) to participate. This was Corgi Beach Day’s ninth consecutive year, and it just continues to get more popular (duh). The number of Corgis in attendance shot up from 300 the previous year to a whopping 500 this year. That’s quite a bit of furriness for one beach to handle!

The dogs had the whole afternoon to play, dig, splash, swim and catch some rays, while their owners, no doubt, took thousands of pictures. Even some famous Corgis showed up to hang out with their fans. Instagram stars Dale Corgi and Luna Snookums were in attendance, and appeared in costume, along with many, many others. Of course the event trended on Twitter under #SoCalCorgiBeachDay, and the Instagram shots are just too adorable for words. So I’ll stop using them and get right to the pictures!

Corgi Beach Day 2015

1. Sand trap

Yes, this Corgi is buried in the sand, and yes, it’s too cool to care because it’s wearing sunglasses.

2. “We thought we’d dress alike, but Ted screwed it up”

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After months of conversing and busy schedules, I was finally able to meet my Ventura, CA friends @dashandmae_thecorgis at #socalcorgibeachday (Corgchella)! We are so pawsome, we each ended up on a different color of the rainbow! Loved meeting you both and I can't wait to have more fun play dates with you! 🐶❤️🐶🐶 thank you @socalcorgibeachday for hosting! #corgi #corgIV #corgination #corgisofinstagram #dog #dogsofinstagram #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #pupsofinstagram #islavista #ventura #santabarbara #buzzfeedanimals #buzzfeed #dogsofiv #dogsofislavista #corgibeachday #corgis_of_instagram #corgigram #buzzfeedcorgis #instadogs #instacorgis #instacuties #corgchella @buzzfeed

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3. Super Corgi!
“I save the world one lick at a time. NBD.”

4. Kissing booth

“It’s nothing personal. You just have dog breath.”

5. “Step off, she’s mine”

6. The mascot

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I was in corgis heaven today at the So Cal Corgi Beach Day!

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7. Wet and happy

8. “I feel like we met last year, but I can’t remember your name”

9. The Running of the Corgis!

10. Just chillin’

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Coolest spot. #corgipuppy #corgibeachday

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11. Tired Corgi

Too much fun for this little guy.

12. “So, yeah… we’re the lifeguards now”

13. Corgi spray!

14. Lobster Corgi

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Lobster corgi is happy #CorgiBeachDay

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15. When that many Corgis cross paths, magical things start to happen

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It was a most magical #corgibeachday

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16. Lifeguard layin’ down the law
I know where my spring break’s going to be next year.

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