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Add new life to a boring old lamp shade

Fancy new lamp shades can be so expensive, especially if you need more than one for a room. Now you can easily transform the lamp shades you already have into something more stylish with jute rope and a hot glue gun.

Lamp shade supplies


  • Old lamp shade
  • Natural fiber rope
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


1. Prep the shade

Lamp shade step 1

Get the lamp shade ready for its transformation by removing any extras from the outside of the shade, such as fabric trim or beaded fringe.

2. Add the rope

Lamp shade step 2

Glue one end of the rope just inside the top of the lamp shade.

3. Cover the top

Lamp shade step 3

Cover the top edge of the lamp shade completely with rope.

4. Wrap the rope

Lamp shade step 4

Wrap the rope around the shade, working your way down toward the bottom of the shade. Glue the rope in place as you go.

5. Trim the rope

Lamp shade step 5

When you reach the bottom of the lamp shade, cut off any excess rope and secure the end of the rope with glue. Then grab some scissors and trim off any stray fibers from the rope.

6. Add the shade

DIY lamp shade transformation

Now that your lamp shade is complete, you can add it to any lamp in your home for an instant new look.

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