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Bam! Pow! Cool comic book decor for your home

Whether you decoupage comic book pages to the walls or incorporate your favorite franchises or characters in other ways, these home decor ideas are straight out of comic books.

Badass decoupage

One of the easiest ways to incorporate comic books into your home’s decor is to decoupage pages from your favorites directly onto the wall. It creates a unique, customized “wallpaper” that you will geek out on.

Comic book mural

Do you have artistic skills? A panel or two painted on a wall is an amazing way to comic book your home.

Framed comic art

An easy way to add some comic book touches is with framed art. I like the way these frames are arranged in this family’s game room.

More cool decoupage

Decoupage isn’t limited to walls, of course. I adore this Marvel-themed chair. It would be perfect in a game room or at your favorite desk.

A draw on comic book elements

I love how this room incorporated elements from the comic book wall art into the rest of the room. The colors of the furniture look so Superman-ish against the white background of the room itself.

Superhero decals

Here’s another fab way to comic book a room, by using large decals of favorite characters while again drawing from their colors to accentuate the rest of the room. It all goes together so well!

Batman and cityscape

What better way to help channel Batman than to put him among a cityscape that makes him feel like he’s right at home?

Comic book bathroom

Your bathroom is another awesome place to decorate with a comic book theme. This wallpaper is perfect for your water closet!

Understated touches

If you don’t want to go big with your comic book decor, you can always incorporate a few understated touches — for example, the simple designs and splashes of color in this bedroom remind you immediately of Spider-Man.

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