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11 Big dogs that are scared of small things

Big dogs are not as tough as they look. They may bark a big game, but when they come up against something truly formidable — like a tiny kitten — they go running for the hills.

1. “I was only saying hello to your kitten, ma’am!”

Image: Giphy

2. The pup is more mighty than its father

Image: Giphy

3. The kitten’s domain

Image: Giphy

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know the floor was taken!”

4. Rodents can be bullies

Image: Giphy

“He just threatened to steal all my treats! Somebody stop him!”

5. Cardinal rule: Never mess with a bug no matter how interesting it looks

Image: Giphy

6. It’s a traaaaap!

Image: Giphy

“If… if I don’t move, maybe they won’t see me.”

7. I don’t blame this guy one bit — it is Godzilla, after all

Image: Giphy

8. Speaking of terrifying, robotic things…

Image: Giphy

You’ve got to give it to this cat, though. It’s found the perfect La-Z-Boy form of dog torture.

9. “Yes, you’re right! You won the living room in the house territory settlement!”

Image: Giphy

10. “It’s cool… it’s cool… we both… ahh, no it’s not!”

Image: Giphy

11. Unexplainable toy fears

Image: Tumblr

“No, not the pink bone! Noooo!!”

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