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How to hide the necessary, yet ugly things in your home

Keep your home looking pretty and organized with these 13 ways to keep the eyesores in your home out of view.

Computer cords

computer cords

Image: Shabby Nest

Why, oh why, are so many computer cords necessary to power up one device? Conceal those maddening cords by making a peg board to hang behind your computer. Not only will it keep those computer cords hidden from the naked eye, it will make a great statement decor for your work space.



Image: Dwellings by Devour

Honest question, why is the router so ugly? Can’t they make pretty cases for it like our smartphones? Well, you may not be able to buy the latest Kate Spade case for your router, but you can certainly make something even better with this lovely tutorial.

TV cords

tv cords

Image source: Fresh Crush

Ever since wall-mounted flat screens came out, us clean freaks spazzed out. Where the heck are we supposed to hide those pesky, but much-needed cords? Blogger at Fresh Crush gave us the perfect solution: take shower rod, measure, cut, mount and voilà, no more ugly cords staring us in the face.

Cable box

cable box

Image: Abode Love

No need to stare the unattractive cable box in the face anymore. Cover that bad boy up with this permanent, yet simple solution.

DVR and Blu-ray player

dvr player

Image: PB & J Stories

If you don’t want to do anything drastic to your home, but still want a convenient way to conceal your beloved DVD and Blu-ray player? Stack them in between like-colored books for a simple, yet appealing decor piece.

Lamp cords

lamp cords

Image: Fox Hollow Cottage

For those of you who don’t frequent the home storage solution aisle as much as the rest of us, there is a wonderful solution out there for those pesky lamp cords in your home. The 3M Command clear round cord clips can stick easily to your wall without any damage to your wall or your decor scheme (LD Printer & Office Supplies, $5).

Laundry needs

laundry room

Image: Sophia’s Decor

Similar to the flat screen TVs, we had a love it/hate it relationship with our new, efficient front-load washer and dryers no thanks to now having full view of the ugly cords and plumbing. However, this can be an easy fix with a curtain rod and a pretty little valance.

Charging devices

charging station

Image: Driven by Decor

There’s nothing worse than having a clean space and then seeing a messy smart device charger hanging from the wall. Sure, you can tuck them into a drawer after every use but how annoying is that to do day in and day out? Now, thanks to USB electrical outlets and a little drilling, you can make your very own charging station! How cool is that? (Amazon, $25)



Image: Bachman’s Sparrow

Who needs accent paint when you can fancy up your wall with your very own DIY outlet covers. Paint them, washi tape them or Mod Podge them with this awesome tutorial.



Image: Bliss Bloom Blog

For those of you that love a good gallery wall, this is the solution for you. Instead of leaving the thermostat in plain view, hang a hinged canvas over it to open and close at your leisure.

Trash can

trash can

Image: By Dawn Nicole

Don’t have an extra-large drawer to hide your trash can? No worries, now you can build one to hide your ugly garbage can and its stinky smell too.



Image: PB & J Stories

It’s bulky, it’s ugly, but it’s totally necessary. Keep your printer tucked away by turning a desk drawer into its very own printer space with this easy tutorial.

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