How Australia will always remember Richie Benaud

Apr 9, 2015 at 11:04 p.m. ET
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Nothing epitomises an Australian summer quite like family games of cricket: in the yard, on the beach and then watched in lounge rooms across the country.

But even for those who don't get into the game itself, Richie Benaud was undoubtedly the face and the voice of the game, both in Australia and abroad. We grew up imitating his unique inflections when commentating on the family game of cricket in the backyard.

"And he's hit the ball over the fence," Dad might say in his best Benaud impersonation, as you hit a cracker into the neighbour's yard.

Benaud is synonymous with Australian culture. He's part of the zeitgeist, our identity. Sadly, after years battling skin cancer, he died in a hospice this morning at the age of 84.

Benaud, who began his cricketing career in the 1970s, later became a commentator for many years on Channel Nine. People have been mourning the death of the cricketing great by leaving posts and condolences on social media. Here's how we're sure to remember the cricket legend.

Richie Benaud was forever a gentleman


He was a cricket legend and a great man


He gave so many of us wonderful childhood memories


He's what you think about when you reminisce about Australian summers


Then there was his trademark attire


He made us fall in love with the game


But it was his voice that will stick with us forever


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