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Women share hilarious ways to make a late period arrive

Put on your fanciest pair of undies, organise a beach holiday and set your self up on a hot date: These are just some of the ways women make their late periods arrive before going into panic mode.

It can be a stressful time of the month, especially when your old friend, Flo, decides she wants to be fashionably late. A group of women has been sharing their own ways to make their periods arrive on a thread on Reddit. So, before you go reaching for the pregnancy test, try a couple of these surefire ways to bring on your period when it’s late.

Put on your favourite pair of underwear

“You can wear pads/tampons for days and it will not come. But there is a way to make it arrive! And it’s super simple. Stop using any period products on the market. Wear a pair of underwear you’re rather fond of. Go to bathroom. You will discover that your favourite undies are no more. Problem solved.”

Start planning to go on a hot date

“I remember my period was late, and I got it the day I had a date with this really attractive guy. And I have an extremely heavy flow. Mother Nature was not on my side that night.”

Jump on a plane, completely unprepared

“Get on an airplane. Go commando.”

Buy the most expensive pregnancy test on the market

“Freak out enough about a late period that you go buy a $20 pregnancy test.”

Sit on a white couch

“You could also wear thin materials on someone’s light-coloured couch. Foolproof!”

While wearing white pants

“Wear white pants. It’s foolproof. It just screams ‘I dare you…'”

Organise some sexy times with your partner

“I was about two weeks late and had sexy times with my bf on Saturday and boom. Period on Sunday.”

Organise a trip to see your long-distance boyfriend

“Mine showed up two weeks off-schedule halfway through the week-long visit halfway across the country to see my boyfriend. Thanks, body. You’re a f***ing jerk.”

Get married

“I’m getting married on the 18th and I’m worried my stress will make me have one during my wedding.”

Go camping

“Go on a wilderness trip! That’s how I got my first one to start anyway.”

Or, just read about other women getting their periods

“Got mine as I was reading this. What the hell? But thanks?”

What are your foolproof ways to make your late period arrive? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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