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7 Steps to cover your tattoo with makeup

Whether it’s a spring break mistake of years past, it clashes with your wedding dress, or you need it gone for a job interview, a tattoo is forever, but no one has to know. With a few products, you can be a makeup magician and say, “Now you see it? Now you don’t!” Here’s how!

Step 1:

DIY Tattoo cover up Step :

First, apply a primer to ensure all of your hard work to come stays put. If your skin is oily, this is especially helpful. Choose a primer based on your skin type.

Step 2:

DIY Tattoo cover up Step 2:

Here’s where things get interesting! Using an orange cream shadow or lipstick will help to neutralize the initial darkness of the tattoo. Carefully apply an orange product like Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy with a brush to just the tattoo, being careful not to stray too far outside its border.

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Step 3:

DIY Tattoo cover up Step 3:

Lightly dust a translucent setting powder over the orange shadow to lock it into place and eliminate any stickiness.

Step 4:

DIY Tattoo cover up Step 4:

Now, using a stick concealer or flesh-toned eyeliner, carefully trace over the entire tattoo. Make sure to only trace directly onto the tattoo and not beyond it. A liner like this has a drier consistency which stays in place and doesn’t slide around. I am using the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Duo Highlighter.

Step 5:

DIY Tattoo cover up Step 5:

For the bulk of the tattoo coverage, a cream foundation or concealer will knock out the rest of the tattoo’s darkness. Using a dense, rounded concealer brush, lightly stipple the foundation/concealer onto the tattoo, using circular motions to blend it out at the edges. It’s OK to take this a bit beyond the tattoo. I used RCMA’s Color Process Foundation which has excellent coverage.

Step 6:

DIY Tattoo cover up Step 6:

Using a powder puff, apply a powder matching your skin tone, or if you have a yellow undertone like our model, a yellow-toned setting powder like Ben Nye’s Banana Powder will also work. Use a pressing motion so that you don’t disturb your concealer placement.

Step 7:

DIY Tattoo cover up Step 7:

The final step is a setting spray to truly ensure your tattoo stays concealed all day or night. Ben Nye’s Final Seal is used in Broadway stage productions so it can really stand up to heat and humidity.

Poof! There you have it! Tattoo removal that’s totally pain-free and costs a heck of a lot less too!

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