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New lingerie ad is sexier than any Victoria’s Secret catalog

Nothing against the smoldering Victoria’s Secret ads, but kind of, because Lane Bryant just did it better.

It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t show much size diversity and it’s not just something “plus size” women complain about. I’ve never known a woman with big boobs (whether their waist was a size 2 or a size 2X) to say that VS bras are their jam. Even if they like the style, they simply don’t bother stepping in the door because their cup sizes stop at DD.

Whether Victoria’s Secret meant to or not, they carry a pretty ingrained stigma that you can only shop there if you’re a woman with a “banging” body and curves in all the “right” places. And they don’t work very hard to combat that stereotype (see: any commercial or catalog full of women with “ideal” body types).

But “banging” and “right” and “ideal” are all getting newer, better, more inclusive definitions in Lane Bryant’s new video.

Last week, we saw a cool initiative take over the internet, encouraging women to #DropThePlus from the title plus size model, and Lane Bryant’s new ad only helps further the message that women are women with whatever body type they choose to own their sexy in.

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Even if you’re a Victoria’s Secret junkie, you owe kudos to Lane Bryant for representing women in a way that proves we don’t all look like one kind of sexy, the kind that floods mainstream media and advertising.

Lane Bryant is taking a stand to outright own something that most brands are afraid to, an image of women that shows we’re more than a prop for a cheeseburger and we do get excited about things beyond bleach and detergent.

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