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Jordana Brewster’s approach to aging is refreshing in Hollywood

Jordana Brewster is a beautiful actress who, in Hollywood years, at 34, is rapidly approaching the age of no return. But the beautiful woman is determined not to let age get the best of her. As the new Ponds skin care ambassador, Brewster has a lot to say about aging well.

Brewster says that her mother Maria João helped her learn to age well.

“The pressure to look flawless definitely permeates the entertainment industry at large — for both men and women,” she told The Huffington Post. “All you can do is surround yourself with people that celebrate you for who you are — inside and outside.” In the piece, she mostly discussed her mother. But she has a good point.

The fact is, getting older is very hard. For both women and men, but mostly for women. After all, even those of us not in Hollywood have to live with Hollywood pressure. It’s not easy to find that the person you have been your whole life (up until your mid-30’s) is now going to change.

I am 37 and I have definitely found myself considering lying about my age or looking in the mirror more with concerns about fine lines and creases where they never were before. It’s a struggle. And I know it’s only going to get worse. Growing old “gracefull” is a catch phrase so many people use, but what does it really mean? Can’t we hate it and be “graceful” all at the same time?

I happen to hate aging. I lived with this idea that it would never happen to me, so imagine my surprise when it did. And it is.

The truth is, things are going to change and sag and wrinkle and lose their elasticity. And I am going to have to find a way to be OK with that. But how does a woman “be OK” with that? It’s one thing for Jordana Brewster to say she looks at her mother because her mother is also lovely. But can everyone else do that?

The answer: Yes.

It is vitally important for younger women to find older women to look up to. Their mothers. Their aunts. Co-workers. Friends. If there are women who are staying vital and beautiful well into their 50’s, let’s ask them how. Let’s start the discussion and learn that there is more to life than being under 40.

Yes, it changes our faces and our bodies and maybe a little of our identity, too. But aging needn’t change us. We need to keep growing and learning and finding new ways to reinvent ourselves and our sexuality. That’s aging gracefully. No botox. No filler. Just us continuing the journey, evolving, and shifting.

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