15 Signs that spring cleaning is taking over your life

Are you replacing your friends and lover with a dust pan and gloves? Have you been dreaming of checking off your cleaning list… twice? If so, it just may be time for a little spring cleaning intervention.

1. You have bleach stains on your good clothes

2. Your new perfume smells closer to Clorox than Chanel

3. You’ve traded your club nights for cleaning


4. Your date nights have come to resemble this

5. You actually look forward to doing laundry

6. Your dreams have become spring cleaning nightmares

7. You’re starting to believe that your scrub bubbles are talking to you

8. You’re unsure if you love your reflection or your streak-free mirror more

9. Your Instagram account has become a shrine to your #springcleaning obsession

10. You’ve got perfect vacuum lines (because let’s be honest, no one in the real world does!)

11. You’ve googled how to patent your “genius” cleaning hacks


12. Most of your injuries are sustained from cleaning

13. Your reaction when someone leaves even a speck of dirt on your clean surfaces

14. When your mother-in-law comments on how clean your house is

15. When you realize that your house will get dirty again

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