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One woman speaks up on behalf of big, beautiful thighs

You may have read the article “10 Struggles of Women with Big Thighs” recently. Whether you could relate to it or not probably depends on the size of your own thighs. One reader, New South Wales Surge American football player Shari Onley, decided to draft her own response, to the delight of ladies with big thighs all over the world.

Do your thighs chafe when you run? Do you struggle to find the right style of jeans? Then you’ll definitely need to know about Shari Onley, who felt compelled to pen a response to the Huffington Post article that basically listed all the lousy things about having big thighs.

Because here’s the thing: It’s not that bad. There are definitely worse afflictions to have. And if you don’t believe us, take it from a woman with big, beautiful thighs:

1. If you have big thighs, your pants never fall down

It’s just impossible. So you never have to worry about that embarrassment, and an easy way to get over the problem of a loose waist? Wear a belt.

2. Who says you can’t wear shorts if you have big thighs?

Embrace your legs, whatever size and shape they are, says Onley: “The real problem here is fashion labels and society are constantly catering for and promoting unrealistic ideals. Magazines and advertorials generally feature models instead of looking at how most women are truly built and making clothing that accommodates them. If we refer to the renaissance in museums all over the world, there is a full spectrum of how women are built.”

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3. Never gonna get a thigh gap?

Well, since when was that the body beauty standard all women were aiming for? Onley reminds us all to be sensible about this entire issue: “In reality a thigh gap can be more about the angle that your pelvis tilts than how big your thighs are.”

Shari Onley on big, beautiful thighs

Image: Shari Onley/Facebook

4. Running doesn’t discriminate

Using big thighs as an excuse not to join the club is simply a poor excuse. “I choose to take fewer steps at a higher intensity,” says Onley. “Up a hill, for example. No exercise is terribly comfortable, but it still has to be done. Expect it or prevent it and get on with it.”

5. Your guy has smaller thighs than you?

So what? “Women often care far more about their bodies than men do,” says Onley. “Ultimately, confidence is more attractive than thigh gaps or lack thereof. Rock whatever thighs you have with a smile.”

And a final word from Onley for all you ladies out there who have insecurities about your bodies (be it big thighs, skinny thighs, big boobs, no boobs, or whatever): “Hold your head higher and your shoulders back a little more and remember that you’re a magnet to every thought you think. We as women should be proud of our bodies — that means all parts of it. Instead of listing the things we don’t like, focus on the things we do and how wonderful it is to be a woman. It is never about how much I weigh, it’s always about how I feel; I will never search for validation on a set of scales. Scales cannot remind me of how infectious my smile is, how purposeful my life is or how great my perseverance is when tested.”


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