Racist neighbour charged after attacking an African family (VIDEO)

A disturbing video was released by Channel Nine News Perth yesterday of a woman in her fifties yelling at her neighbours. Now, this isn’t your average neighbourhood tiff, but rather a tirade of racist hate speech directed at the African family living next door.

Tumaini Eliazery, a self-employed cleaner originally from the Congo, who has been living in Australia for the last eight years, was the target of the attack, along with his family, including his wife, Brenda Ojwang, and their children.

Eliazery posted the video to his Facebook page, with the following caption on Tuesday: “Someone asked me how was my Weekend, this is what happens with my neighbour. Wait for part II you will be shocked (sic).”

The video footage shows the 51-year-old woman yelling over the fence to her neighbours after an altercation, which Channel Nine says occurred after the children were making noises while playing.

“I don’t deal with monkeys; get away, monkeys. Look at these f***ing pigs, jungle bunnies you are,” the woman, a chef, is heard yelling over the fence.

Just as Eliazery points out, the second part is much worse. It sees the woman, now in her neighbours’ yard, wielding a metal bar.

Without remorse, the woman says she was defending herself.

“I was in fear of my life at that time,” she said. “I believe they shouldn’t be here. I’m tired of feeling like a minority in my own country.”

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So little is known about the frequency of racial attacks in Australia because it is estimated that only one in 20 people actually report racially based attacks.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, no records are kept about racially motivated crimes in any jurisdiction in the country at all. And such offences are recorded based on the nature of the crime, rather than the motivation behind the attack.

A quick Google search shows that while they might not officially be recorded as racially motivated, many serious racially charged attacks occurred in 2014, with the Sydney Morning Herald even claiming that “racism is on the rise in Australia”.

A survey by the Scanlon Foundation, called the Mapping Social Cohesion Report, found that in 2013 close to 20 per cent of Australians were discriminated against because of skin colour, religious beliefs or ethnicity, an increase of 12 per cent since 2012 and “the highest level since the survey began in 2007”, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

While Eliazery pleads for the government to get involved and do something to stop such behaviour, he did leave one last comment for the woman, who has since been charged with “assault, going armed in public as to cause fear, disorderly conduct and conduct likely to racially harass”, according to news.com.au.

“I forgive you, and may God forgive you, too. Because you do not know what you’re doing.”

Do you think racially motivated crime is on the rise in Australia? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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