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A swimwear line that gets that women aren’t only one shape is finally here

There are few things more frustrating than swimsuit shopping. Unless you have perfect proportions and a svelte bod, it can seem like swimwear just wasn’t meant for you. One Canadian swimwear company is hoping to change all that, though, with a swimwear line that hopes to empower women to love their bodies, regardless of their shape or size.

Nettle’s Tale Swimwear is designed with real women in mind. The models are women of all ages and sizes and they are featured wearing their swimwear doing what they love — not just laying in a sexy pose on an exotic beach somewhere. The product is locally made, the models aren’t retouched and a tenth of every purchase goes to charity.

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As you scroll through their products, you won’t just be browsing swimsuits. The suits are named after the woman who inspired the design and she also gets to pick the charity that her suit’s proceeds will go to. You’ll never want to buy a nameless, story-less suit again.

Julia — the founder — loves Canada, the water and the female form. Her design has a vintage touch that will help you channel your inner Marilyn Monroe. ACTS, her charity of choice, helps provide access to clean water to people around the world. A swimsuit line that celebrates women and gives back is exactly what could make us fall in love with swimwear shopping. Our only question is: What took so long?

Nettle’s Tale from Nettle’s Tale on Vimeo.

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