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This watch costs $100,000 and is very, very dirty

If you had $100,000, would you spend it on a watch? Would you spend it on a watch depicting a man and woman in bed together with some kind of serpent in the corner? That’s the question watchmaker Ulysse Nardin wants us to answer.

This watch is truly unique because when the button is pressed, the man and the woman sculpted from rose gold actually copulate. Really?

See a photo below:


Now I don’t know about you, but if I were going to buy myself a watch that costs as much as a medium-size home in the Midwest, I probably wouldn’t want it to be dirty. The Ulysse Nardin original was unveiled at Baselworld at a convention of watch experts.

It’s a fancy watch with an alligator band and many other striking features, but the piece that is the hardest to get over is that there are two people having sex on your wrist. Let’s face it: Watches are passe. We all carry cell phones and most of us know how to ask for the time if we need it. So what’s the point of this watch?

Maybe that’s the genius. There is no point. It is a luxury beyond our wildest imaginings that costs as much as three brand new SUVs. Nevermind that there are children starving in this very country. Let’s all buy this watch. Let’s buy two!

Should I ever meet the man who wears this watch, I would turn and walk the other way. Not because he has people doing the deed on his wrist (although that is bizarre and kinky). No, I would walk away because the man clearly can’t spot a gimmick. And who wants a man like that?

Would you ever buy this watch?

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