Pac-Man has taken over the streets of Australia with Google Maps

Google has just made our day a little brighter. Because, if you head along to Google Maps, you’ll find a nice surprise waiting for you. Pac-Man, your favourite game from the ’80s, has taken over the internet and the streets of your very own suburb.

No matter where you are in Australia, or indeed the world, you can be transported to an ’80s games arcade and play Pac-Man for hours on end trying to beat your best score.

But instead of Pac-Man being set on the traditional black and blue grid, the setting is now the streets of your own neighbourhood.

Simply head to the Google Maps page and click on the Pac-Man image on the bottom left-hand corner.

Pac-Man on Google Maps

Image: Google Maps

Instead of the simple street map of your current location popping up, you’ll find that Pac-Man and his friends will be waiting for you.

Pac-Man on Google Maps

Image: Google Maps

You’ll be chasing ghosts and chomping on cherries in your very own backyard. And before you know it, you’ll be spending a good chunk of the afternoon trying to beat your best score instead of getting that report done or responding to those very important e-mails.

Let’s just consider today a write-off, shall we?

Have you been playing Google’s version of Pac-Man? Share your best score with us in the comments section below.

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