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Amazon Dash Button is the coolest new way to replace household supplies

First Amazon perfected the one-click checkout for online shoppers. Now the single click has come to life.

The Amazon Dash Button is a new service available to Amazon Prime members, by invitation only, where you place a branded product button for the household products you use every day around your house. When you run out of one of these critical items, press the button, and Amazon will magically — and quickly — restock your supply.

From Gatorade to Cottonelle toilet paper, you get a button with the brand prominently displayed. The adhesive on the back of the Dash Button lets you hang it wherever you store those products — the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen — wherever. You use your Amazon app to set up the button on your home Wi-Fi network, and when you run out, boom! Hit that baby, and Amazon delivers more. Cool, right?

Amazon bills it as “Place it. Press it. Get it.”

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and get an emailed invitation, you can get up to three of your own Amazon Dash Buttons. Participating products include the stuff that’s so boring to buy but that you really need, like cleaning products, paper towels, laundry detergent and even food like Larabars and mac and cheese.

If you press the button by accident, you can cancel the order on your smartphone through the Amazon app. And if you mistakenly press it more than once, Amazon will only respond to the first press.

What do you think about the Amazon Dash Button? Would you try it? Have you been invited to try one? Let us know!

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