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Will #GrannyHair make you look like Kylie Jenner… or your Granny?

We’ve done violet, pastel pink and baby blue — now it’s time for a grey hair renaissance. It might seem as if the grey hair trend has suddenly exploded out of nowhere but it’s actually been a slow burner. And it wasn’t started by an A-lister.

Loads of famous faces have dipped their barnetts in the murky waters of what’s currently trending as #GrannyHair but we’re pretty sure Marina Diamandis (of Marina and the Diamonds) was the first to go Granny on the red carpet. She showed off grey tresses at the BT Digital Music Awards in September 2011.

Marina Diamandis with grey hair

Photo credit: WENN

Over the last couple of years lots of celebs have also gone grey the unnatural way including Kelly Osbourne, Kylie Jenner, Perrie Edwards, Ellie Goulding and Jaime Winstone. Nicole Richie got the fashion press talking at the 2013 Met Ball with her grey updo and Rihanna chose a dip-dye take on the trend with a long ponytail at her Annual Diamond Ball last year.

Nicole Richie at the Met Ball 2013 with grey hair

Photo credit: Rob Rich/

Rihanna with grey ponytail

Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/

If I was to go grey it would be a picture of Girls actress Zosia Mamet I’d be clutching in my nervous little hand at the hair salon. The tousled bob with deep side parting keeps it looking super current and not too try-hard and proves that any complexion can pull off #GrannyHair. Also her vampy red lip and dress complements her hair tone perfectly.

Zosia Mamet with grey hair

Photo credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

Naturally where the stars go, the Instagrammers follow…

Photo credit: Lysette Castellanos

Photo credit: Lauren/Instagram

Photo credit: The J Show/Instagram

Photo credit: Hayley Newby/Instagram

Photo credit: myalici0us/Instagram

Photo credit: JenMia Makeup/Instagram

Think you want to get yourself some #GrannyHair? I’m still undecided. For starters I’ve got dark brown hair and not much natural grey (which is not something I thought I’d ever complain about). I spoke to my hairdresser about it — purely for research purposes of course — and she gave me some things to think about:

  • Consider your current hair colour. It’s a lot easier to go grey or silver if your hair is blonde or light brown right now. Obviously the lighter your hair is, the more options you have for adding colour. If you have dark brown or black hair it’s a long, laborious, potentially damaging process to go Granny. It could take months to go grey — without ruining your hair — if you’re very dark. Your hair should be slowly lightened over several months until it’s a light enough shade to be dyed silver.
  • If you plan to go grey with a home dye kit on your own head be it. (Yes, she would say this but haven’t we all had a home dye nightmare? I still shudder when I remember my accidental orange phase). If you DIY, read the instructions carefully. Twice.
  • Don’t expect your hair to look like any of the pictures you’ve seen in magazines or online. Everybody’s hair is different (*My Zosia Mamet picture goes back into my pocket*). Chat to your hairdresser about what’s realistic for you and what will work with your skin tone.

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