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Cats are the best pets for bros according to this (VIDEO)

Bros are not usually known for their love of cats, but this video totally changes that. The guys in it look like they’re best buds with these chill felines, which is especially apparent when they share multiple high-fives with them.

Image: gifyoutube

I for one have never seen a cat high-five, and the way these cats do it is so laid back it almost goes unnoticed. It’s like they’re so cool and chill, the motion is pretty much second nature to them. I also love how it happens after a bro does something worthy of a high-five, like a pull-up or a mean ping-pong move. It just shows they’re super-supportive little dudes, you know? I bet they’d also make great wingmen at bars. Check out all their bro-style moves below.

Did you see that one cat make that awesome basket? Those were some sick dunking skills right there. The only thing in this video that goes a bit too “bro” for me is that cat chillaxing in his cat bed. It just looks a little too unnatural for my taste, but hey, a bro cat doesn’t need to apologize for anything. He’s way too cool.

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